Jon Boogz Creates Historic Television for Starz’s “Blindspotting”

Emmy-nominated director and choreographer Jon Boogz recently spoke with The Los Angeles Times about choreographing and creative directing the movement art for his Starz’s “Blindspotting” Season 2 Episode 3’s powerful dream dance sequence, which as Boogz explains, was created for a scene when seven-year-old character Sean uses the N word for the first time, and his parents try their best to explain the complexities of that word and why he shouldn’t use it.

“I love the fact that we’re using Black street dances in vernacular to tell that story. To me, that’s what gives it the magic. Even though it’s traumatic with our history as African Americans in America, I love that we’re telling this historical story using something that’s magical, that comes from our environments and our communities, which is street dance. That’s why the vernacular and style of movement is very specific, because I wanted to honor the Black and brown communities that created these dances that have changed the world.”

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