John Hillcoat’s Corazon Wins Cannes Lion Grand Prix

Serial Pictures, in partnership with agency JohnXHannes won a Cannes Lions Grand Prix and a Silver in Health and Wellness for the John Hillcoat-directed branded film Corazon, created for Montefiore Health Systems to bring awareness to the pressing need for organ donors.

Corazón also nominated for the Titanium Lion, is a powerful, emotional and gorgeously rendered 48-minute film based on a real-life doctor-patient story that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival as a finalist for the Tribeca X Award. Developed by Serial Pictures, in partnership with JohnXHannes, directed by Hillcoat and written by Kelley Sane, the film is a story about Elena Ramirez (Ana de Armas of Blade Runner 2049) and her failing heart. With nothing left to lose and a family that needs her to live, she leaves Santo Domingo and follows Dr. Garcia of Montefiore (Academy Award Nominee Demián Bichir) on a near-impossible journey to New York.

“The work raises the profile of our category and pushes the level of creativity in health and wellness,” said Cannes Lions Health and Wellness Jury President, R. John Fidelino. “This was a beautifully integrated campaign…a wonderful example of how creativity can advance a brand’s reputation while raising awareness of an important health issue.” View the trailer below and watch the full film at