Paul Greengrass’s 22 July Debuts at Venice, Garners Rave Reviews

Academy Award-nominated director Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, Captain Phillips) debuted his latest feature, 22 July at this year’s Venice Film Festival, where it was received with enthusiastic reviews before also playing at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film tells the emotional true story of Norway’s deadliest terrorist attack, where 77 people were killed by one far-right extremist

The Guardian gave 22 July five stars, saying these are difficult times and “Greengrass has made the perfect film for them.” Collider called the film moving and “expertly made” and The Hollywood Reporter describes it as “raw and harrowing but at the same time admirably uninflected and measured at every step.”

Watch the trailer below and see 22 July in select theaters and on Netflix on October 10.

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