This is the part where we’re supposed to say something fancy. Maybe even a little bit obnoxious. This is the part where we’re supposed to talk about our glossy prizes (there are definitely Emmys, Grammys and even a handful of Lions roaring in closets around here somewhere) and our unique, wide-ranging network with our partner, Anonymous Content. But really it comes down to this: Authenticity. Originality. Aspiration. Fearlessness. Serial Pictures is a brilliant collective of artists, directors and photographers focused on collaborative, end-to-end creative partnerships with a commitment to social responsibility for commercials, music videos, television, motion picture and branded content. That means having a vision. An ear to the street. Production standards that sometimes keep us up at night. An appetite for a bigger world. A taste for risk. Most of all, it’s about creating things that we love, that we all remember, that we can be proud of in harmony.